Memory Foam Mattress Toppers – How to Use A Mattress Topper

Essentially, a memory foam bed mattress topper is an added comfort product made out of foam.

Purchasing an entire bed mattress is pretty expensive. Because of this, people who want to purchase a comfortable memory foam mattress select only a mattress topper instead.

For the inexperienced, memory foam mattress are made from foam product created by NASA in the 60’s. Later on this special foam material became commercially available and was used to make bed mattress.

Special quality of memory foam mattress toppers

When you sleep on the foam material allows a sort of mould following the shape of your body. This special characteristic makes it able to adapt to any kind of shape and size. When you move the other part of the mattress the ‘memory’ foam returns to its original shape. Another fact is its sensitivity to temperature level. It becomes soft when cosy and hardened when cooled.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Mostly, memory foam mattress topper is used by people with different chronic pains, especially joint inflammation or fibromyalgia. This also works for those who have pains or aches in back, hips or shoulders. The mattress topper reduces the amount of pressure in the body that create pains and makes your bed mattress comfortable.

Memory foam mattress topper options

Using a memory foam mattress topper starts in the selection of density. This can be confusing because there are several companies offering memory foam, both in your area or imported from abroad.

The general rule is that cheap memory foam mattresses have lower densities. In addition, have shorter guarantees or no back warranties and had long storage time (they have a tendency to compress some components of the foam).

Memory foam mattress topper thickness

Memory foam mattress toppers are available in numerous thicknesses, usually between 1 and 4 inches. For heavier individuals, the 3 and 4-inches would be excellent options for a soft and comfortable experience.

When buying a memory foam mattress topper, check the price. Nowadays, the 3-inch variety have actually reduced prices compared to the other memory foam mattress topper thickness. Make sure to take into consideration the level of quality as imported brands usually are less costly (though not always better).

Memory foam mattress topper densities

Comfort can be a relative experience, however from a study among customers, it seemed to be an excellent density level for memory foam pads. Foam pads with a 4 lb. density are usually favoured when it comes to comfort level.

Consumers believe that memory foam pads of 4 lb. density are softer, have better feeling, and have less temperature sensitivity than the others. (Some popular brands can be uncomfortably firm at 70 degrees, and would require your temperature to soften up).

One disadvantage to the 4 lb. foam pad is that it has shorter lifetime than the other denser designs. Usually, it lasts about 3 to 5 years before you need to change it.

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