The Benefits of a Simba Hybride Mattress Topper

The Benefits of a Simba Hybride Mattress Topper

The Simba Hybride Mattress Topper has many benefits to offer a mattress-sleeping consumer. First, it is made of microfiber technology, which keeps the sleeper cool by evaporating body heat. The Simba mattress topper also provides extra body support and thermal regulation. It has two layers, providing ultimate comfort and maximum support for your spine. It offers superior heat control, even in the warmer months of the year. Finally, Simba hybride mattress topper has been designed with “Kleenex” technology, which allows the mattress to be more durable and comfortable while remaining very affordable.

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The Simba hybride mattress topper consists of seven layers: Cooling Comfort Layer, Cooling Memory Foam Layer, Light Weight Thermo-rubber Layer, Two Thousand Pocket Springs, and a Two Year Limited Warranty. The Cooling Comfort Layer helps to disperse body heat, which helps keep you refreshed and comfortable throughout the night. The next layer, the Cooling Memory Foam Layer, is made from memory foam to help reduce pressure points, and eliminate unwanted hot spots. This layer also helps alleviate back pain by relieving natural tension between the ribs and the lower back.

Next, the Two Thousand Pocket Springs provides extreme comfort. Combined with the proprietary Thermo-rubber technology, these springs are designed to work like an air mattress to provide support while moving around or sleeping. The thermo-rubber layer helps prevent temperature fluctuations by maintaining the same temperature all throughout the night. Lastly, the Thermo-oustic layer provides superior acoustical performance. A Simba mattress topper review will explore the specifics of the unique technologies included in each of these important layers.

As you might imagine, there are different price ranges and options when looking at Simba mattress toppers. In this section I will briefly discuss some of the most popular options, as well as a few “green” friendly models that are rapidly gaining popularity. Most of the more expensive models will be equipped with a Full Body Sleep Guide, which includes an animated avatar that walks you through the natural transition between wakefulness and sleep, showing you how to maximally adjust your sleeping position for a restful night’s sleep.
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The average buyer usually purchases a Simba mattress protector, as they are so affordable. However, not every buyer understands their importance or how important having mattress protectors is. Each mattress protector is typically sized by size, so purchasing the wrong size could result in wear and tear sooner than anticipated. If you need to purchase more than one mattress protector, you should be aware that the additional sizes cost extra. In addition, most mattress protectors sold today are also machine washable if you don’t want to have to do the laundry.

When comparing the prices of a mattress topper, you should take a close look at the toppers that are hypoallergenic. Simba makes several types of memory foam products that are specifically formulated to minimize dust mites, which can trigger an allergy sufferer’s response. Since Simba has been in business for many years, they have developed numerous methods to prevent dust mites from spreading. The toppers of today typically feature multiple layers of special foam that cover the base of the mattress, as well as a layer of a special foam that acts as a moisture barrier. By using a combination of materials, Simba hybride mattress topper is able to prevent allergy symptoms for its users.
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Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper 150 x 200 cm

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Simba mattress toppers come with anti slip base and wriggle free straps for a secure and sound sleep. The snug-fit straps mean wriggle free sleep. In addition, it is quick to roll making it easy to take your Simba sleep anywhere you want to.