Memory foam mattresses are known to be good at relieving the pressure from weak or painful joints as opposed to the spring mattress which is rather uncomfortable. They are also known as memory mattresses. It is basically a sprung mattress that is covered with a layer of memory foam. They have a layer of material that is sensitive to temperature and exhibits both elastic and viscous characteristics when undergoing distortion (deformation). When choosing the ideal mattress foam a number factors must be considered:

1. Foam Indentation Load Deflection.
This ranges from about 6-40. The best mattress foam toppers in the market usually uses multiple layers and range between 10 t0 16 Indentation Load Deflection. Each layer has a different mmHg which in turn increases the comfort of the mattress.

2. mmHg.
This refers to the measurement unit used in obtaining the mattress reaction against the total pressure exerted on the mattress. When the mmHg is low, it shows a better blood circulation. When the mmHg is roughly at 30mmHg, blood circulation becomes an issue. The minimum pressure distribution at 12.43mmHg at 200lb offers an essential mattress offer.

3. Foam Density.
This determines the durability of the mattress. If you need the top toppers in the market, choose one that has a higher foam density. The most durable mattresses, such as: Tempur Pedic has about 5 to 7 lb density foams.

4. Location of Manufacture.
They are usually made in Canada, U.S.A or Europe.
5. A natural mattress means that it is breathable.
6. We would recommend memory foams that meet the Centripur-US standards for chemical testing of the foam. They are not supposed to be made with ozone depleters and many other harmful chemicals.
We all know that foam mattresses do not come in cheap, but in this article we have gone out of our way to show you some of the cheap ones. We recommend the Nature’s Sleep toppers which have a quality fabric of cotton, silk or wool or a combination of all these materials. Although this can be a little more expensive, we have several natural toppers alternatives.

When searching for cheap mattress products that are natural in, we realized that Nature’s Sleep have two more toppers that have not been listed on their website. You can definitely get these top toppers at a very fantastic bargain. All you have to do is search deeper. If you manage to find one, you can get a 2.5 inch topper which has a density of 3.5 pounds or 4.5 pounds.
Their cost usually depends on the inches and the density of the topper.

If you are mostly an online shopper, you can search for different foam mattresses in sites such as Amazon. For example: a Queen Size 3 inched, 4 pound visco elastic memory mattress topper (Made in U.S.A) costs about $134.54 and includes a free shipping. This is price efficient and will definitely meet your needs.
We therefore would like to highly advice you to a buy the ideal and efficient mattress for you and your family for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.